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Market Information

Harbin - The Untapped Market in Northeast China


Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, serves as a key political, economic, cultural and communications hub in Northeast China. Centrally located in Northeast Asia, Harbin is the gateway not only to northern China, but also Russia, Korea and Japan.


Large Population and High Demand

Harbin is the largest provincial city in China with more than 10 million consumers. 80% of the entire Heilongjiang population of over 38 million comprises the key young and middle-aged consumer segment. The market in Harbin influences consumer decisions in the three neighboring northeastern provinces totaling 140 million people.


In 2011, GDP in Harbin reached EUR 51.1 billion with an average growth rate of more than 13% for the last five years, both of which are more than the national average.


Boom in Food and Agricultural Trade

The food and agriculture import and export business in Harbin generated EUR 180 million last year, of which EUR 156 million was for imports and EUR 24 million for exports.


Key Agricultural Production Base

Bestowed with excellent conditions, Harbin is perfect for agriculture. Its soil, called ¡°black earth¡±, is one of the most nutrient-rich in all of China, making it valuable for cultivation.


Harbin is also an important production base in China for soybean, potatoes, rice and corn and has a thriving livestock industry with a total annual meat output of 724,000 tons; milk production of about 1.4 million tons; and egg production of 325,000 tons. As a result, the region is an ideal location for setting up agricultural and food processing businesses.


To ensure its leading position of the regional agricultural production, the local industry has an urgent need for the world¡¯s most advanced agricultural and agro-processing technologies.